9 January, 2011

Wii and the Kid Demo Die or Buy: “Night Sky” by Nicalis Games

So let’s talk the power of the demo. Try before you buy is the ultimate form of sales. You don’t need anything flashy, no marketing smoke and mirrors, and no publicity stunts. Here’s my product, use it, love it or hate it. Simple. Nicalis has already built a classic title with Cave Story from this method and it’s time for the new release: Night Sky.

You’re given 4 in depth levels of gameplay. The game reminds me of Fluidity, but played with a marble rather than a puddle of water. The level designs are similar but the similarities really stop there.

The levels available give you a great range of the gameplay elements. The magic marble has the power to speed up, brake and reverse gravity. You also put to use various marble power machines to get through some levels as well. I’ve paid money for less content than this demo has. *cough* Elastic Boy *cough*

The game is priced at $7.20 for the rest of today and will go up to $10 tomorrow. Either way its good money spent. I was expecting to see this on my Wii first, but I’m ecstatic with the PC version.

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